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Public comments open for One Seattle Plan until May 20

Georgetown residents can share feedback on the drafted One Seattle Comprehensive Plan, which outlines growth and investment in the city for the next 20 years. The deadline for public comments has been extended to Monday, May 20th at 5pm. Submit feedback via the One Seattle Plan Engagement Hub or by emailing

One component of the plan is a zoning update that proposes how to use land as the city continues to grow:

Per the above map, Georgetown would be categorized into the following zone types:

  • Neighborhood Center (near Airport Way) - Defined as places with a diversity of housing options located around a locally focused commercial core and/or access to frequent transit. Neighborhood Centers in many cases represent the core of a neighborhood providing shops, services, grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses that residents need to access on a regular basis. These areas provide an opportunity for people to access everyday needs within a short walk or bike ride from their homes. Allowing more housing in these areas can increase opportunities to live in complete connected neighborhoods, strengthen local businesses districts, and help people reduce reliance on cars.

  • Urban Neighborhood (neighborhood south of Bailey, one pocket up on 4th Ave S) - Defined as places outside centers that are appropriate for primarily residential development. While lacking the larger business districts located in centers, Urban Neighborhoods still provide opportunities for mixed-use and commercial development along major streets along with at-home businesses, corner stores, and small institutions located throughout to support small business and institutions and let people walk, bike, and roll to everyday needs.

  • Manufacturing and Industrial Centers (seemingly everywhere else in Georgetown) - Defined as areas of concentrated industrial activity with limited retail, office, and residential uses that primarily serve industrial business and workers. Seattle has two MICs: Greater Duwamish MIC and Ballard– Interbay–Northend MIC. Both MICS are places of regional importance due to the presence of industrial businesses in a range of sizes and major transportation facilities such as the container port, marinas, and rail infrastructure.

Do you feel these zoning designations represent the Georgetown you experience now and want to inhabit in the coming years? Share your feedback to help shape the future of our neighborhood!

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