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Meet Bandit–Part Golden Retriever, Part Bunny

Pet's full name: Bandit 

Nicknames: Bunny Bandit, Good Boy Band, Chicken Little, Bandito por favor, Mr. Band 

Breed(s, if known): Golden Retriever who was born without a tail. PSA: We would like to let our neighbors know that we did NOT dock his tail and that he was simply born without one. 

Age: 8 turning 9 in August   

Occupation/hobbies: Fetch, swimming, hanging out with his cousin Abner (Corgi) who lives on Ellis, frolicking, and making human friends  

Favorite trick: Sit, down, roll over, shake, high-five

Favorite snack: Pizza, french fries, puppuccino, bacon, EVERYTHING!

What your pet wants their neighbors to know: Our family loves Georgetown and loves being involved with the community! Bandit’s mom owns a vintage clothing shop, Sainted, and will be participating in the Georgetown & SODO flea markets this summer. Come say hi!

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