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Meet Snickers

February Pet of the Month

Pet's full name: Snickers

Nicknames: Snicks, Snick the Quick, Niño, Tiny baby 

Breed(s, if known): Chihuahua-Italian Greyhound mix 

Age: Approximately 16 years young 

Occupation/hobbies:  Professional cuddler and architect. I build blanket forts and am very adept at finding the coziest spot available. I also love to travel despite airlines not awarding SkyMiles to cute dogs. 

Favorite trick: Eluding the authorities (aka flight attendants) on airplanes while sleeping on mom’s lap. If forced to stay in my carrier, I can and will escape directly to first class. 

Favorite snack: Bacon or whatever my brother Ben is eating 

What your pet wants their neighbors to know: If you have an ankle, I will sniff it. I’m pretty sure I’m cute, but don’t forget to tell me because it’s always nice to hear it. 

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