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Made in Georgetown

Brand-new Dumpsters on a lot on South Mead Street
Photos by Amy Horn

When you’re taking out the recycling and notice a particularly nice Dumpster, look for a sign that it was made right here in Georgetown: “Capital Industries.” We’ve spotted them as far west as Hawaii and felt Georgetown pride.

In a mammoth, three-block-long factory on South Mead Street, Capital Industries manufactures high-quality trash containers, including bear-proof varieties and containers in custom colors, for clients all over the world. They also offer industrial welding, laser-cutting, plasma-cutting, and metal forming with giant press brakes that can shape sheets as wide as 56 feet.

Capital Industries has been manufacturing useful things since 1953 when David Taylor founded a parts-making company. It’s still a family-run operation, with a third generation of Taylors in charge today.

Another family name you should know in the container industry is Dempster, whose patriarch entrepreneur George invented the industrial metal garbage receptacle when he debuted the Dempster-Dumpster in 1935. His trademark (a play on his last name and the word "dump") is why we capitalize the word "Dumpster."

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