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Healthy Street planter requests due by May 12

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is accepting requests to add planters to the Georgetown Healthy Street that runs from S. Eddy to S. Willow along Flora & Carleton. Interested neighbors can sign up to replace the standard concrete sign base with planters.

Sign up here by May 12th:

Above: Map of the Georgetown Healthy Street.

What are planters? For permanent Healthy Street locations, neighbors can elect to replace the concrete sign base with planters. SDOT will install planters at Healthy Street intersections based on the requests received (see diagram and image below). Neighbors who request planters are responsible for maintaining the planter after installation. For more information about adopting planters and planter maintenance, visit Healthy Street Planters.

Left: Diagram showing the possible placement locations for planters at each Healthy Street intersection. Planters would be placed at the blue dots, if requested by neighbors.

Right: Planter sign bases on the Greenwood Healthy Street.

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