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Georgetown Carnival!

The annual event on June 8 drew hundreds of people to Airport Way and nearby streets for a day of games, food, music and fun. Click on the photo below to open the slide show and see some of the performers and volunteers that helped make it happen.

Photo 1: Day Soul Exquisite performs at the Georgetown Carnival. (Photo by Skyler Mock)

Photo 2: Scooter the Clown hams it up between two slices of bread. (Photo by Alex Nguyen)

Photo 3: Scott plays bass for High Chue on the stage in front of Georgetown Records. (Photo by Alex Nguyen)

Photo 4: An aerialist rose above the crowd along Airport Way. (Photo by Alex Nguyen)

Photo 5: Ethan Newstrum, the brains and hands behind many of the carnival games, challenges people to test their strength (Photo by Heather Carney)

Photo 6: Georgetown Community Council members Kevin Byers, Heather Carney and Derrick Elsea were some of the volunteers who helped set up the games. (Photo submitted by Heather Carney)

Photo 7: GCC board member Marianne Clark volunteered at the ticket booth. (Photo by Heather Carney)

Photo 8: Carl Christensen performs on June 8 (Photo by Skyler Mock)

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