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Who's That Girl?

Updated: Mar 8

A woman lounges on a couch in a 20-foot high mural on the side of a building above Fourth Ave S.
Mural by Steven LaRose on the Seattle Artist League building in North Georgetown.

The woman who lounges in stripes above Fourth Avenue S. near the intersection with S. Lucille is Kara Muller, one half of the electronic pop duo Bridles. Painted by muralist Steven LaRose, the mural evokes a composed calm that contrasts with the hectic traffic below, and is courtesy of the Seattle Artist League, located in the same building. League Cofounder Ruthie V told the Gazette that the mural was inspired by a Hope Gangloff painting of a man in a similar repose that Artist League students struggled to reproduce last summer. Inspired by the process, Ruthie had Muller pose herself for a photo that became a sketch that became the plan for the untitled mural.


The Seattle Artist League is a spacious and welcoming art school, teaching drawing, painting, sculpture, and ceramics to the public. The school opened in 2016, founded on the idea that being creative is more fun in community, and moved to Georgetown in 2022. Current courses include “Pottery: Handbuild a Dinnerware Set,” a Sunday series, and “Drawing for Busy People,” an online evening class. You can find the school's full schedule at

Artist Steven LaRose on a boom lift, working on the mural.
Artist Steven LaRose at work on the mural.

Check out Bridles on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music and at

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