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Peeps in the Neighborhood

For many, this neighbor requires no introduction. She and her partner Kathy have lived in the 'hood for 20+ years and are staunch community advocates who have contributed mightily to the rhythm of Georgetown. Meet Holly Krejci!

Image by shon't.savage

The Gazette was my introduction to Holly. Her smiling face occupied one of the squares on the Zoom call that transitioned me from Gazette reader to Gazette staff writer. Her wit, charm, and encyclopedic knowledge about Georgetown made me an instant fan. She quickly became my go-to for historical neighborhood facts and when needed, an integral channel of context for current events. As I conducted “Peeps in the Neighborhood” interviews, the rapidity with which others mentioned her name highlighted just how revered she is by our community.

How you might know her: As the person who wears an orange safety vest while walking her two dogs; as “Kathy and Holly”; and as a reformed Facebook poster on the Georgetown Community page. Per Holly, “I had to break up with the socials… doom scrolling.”

What do you do? (e.g., your profession, personal mission, passion, etc.)?

“I try to leave places better than when I found them.”

What brought you to Georgetown? Why this neighborhood?

“We could afford Georgetown. We looked at forty different houses in many neighborhoods throughout the city. The features we liked we couldn’t afford. We came to Georgetown, saw this little Tudor, walked in the backyard and I said, ‘We’ll take it!’ Kathy said, ’There goes our negotiating power.’”

What keeps you here? What do you like about our ‘hood? 

“It is cool to know my neighbors in a really unique way. I feel like I have grown up with a lot of them, and that’s really fun. There is always something I haven’t seen before even though I’ve lived here for so long. Plus, events like Garden Walk – it’s my most favorite thing!”

A piece of advice for your Georgetown neighbors, new or old?

“What I want new people to know and old people to remember is that Georgetown is what we make it.”

A little Georgetown history…

“Not a lot of people know the styrofoam and plastic bag ban of Seattle came out of Georgetown. 

In 2007, the City of Seattle planned to build a third transfer station and put it here in Georgetown. Kathy did a lot of heavy lifting. We worked really hard to get to know our elected officials and for them to know Georgetown: we brought them to the neighborhood, took them on tours, and held candidate forums.

We rallied as a community and got the City to pivot from a transfer station to more recycling – the Zero Waste Strategy – which led to the styrofoam and plastic bag bans.

I think this [victory] is a big piece of pride for the neighborhood. Georgetown is what you make it. There is no substitution for community involvement.”

Your future Georgetown looks like …

“A continuation of honoring its history while creating its future. It’s a FORCE that agencies can’t forget and must remember to engage. It would also be badass if there was cleaner air.”

If you are interested in being featured in “Peeps in the Neighborhood” or want to recommend someone for us to consider, please forward an email to shon’t at

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