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Peeps in the Neighborhood

Updated: Mar 15

Meet Heather Carney, new GCC Board Chair and 6-year resident of the neighborhood.

Photo of Heather by shon’t.

Name: Heather Carney (she/her)

Residency in Georgetown: Six years

How you might know her: The lady who frequently walks her small dog, Leon; a member of the Georgetown Community Council (GCC) — see below for her new appointment; and a supporter and attendee at myriad community functions.

Today’s world normalizes the reality of only knowing a person virtually. Even with our neighbors, community-related emails make it possible to possess “name only” recognition… sometimes indefinitely.

Heather was one of such neighbors. Our virtual acquaintanceship lasted for many moons before the tides of life allowed our “real life” worlds to collide. 

On a bright Saturday afternoon, we met at Matcha Man Ice Cream & Taiyaki for some real-time connection and to talk more about her love for Georgetown as well as her time and history on the GCC. 

What do you do? (e.g., your profession, personal mission, passion, etc.)?

“I work downtown and I like to be involved in the neighborhood. I like to know what’s coming up, what’s going on, and who my neighbors are. If there is something that interests me, I am there.”

Regarding the GCC…

“I am the newly nominated Chair for the Board of Directors. I’ve been on the GCC for the last 5 years. I joined at one of the holiday parties — when everybody joins. 

Fun Fact: I learned about the GCC from the Georgetown Gazette! There was an upcoming GCC meeting mentioned [in the very first Gazette I received] and it asked for neighborhood involvement. For me, because I moved from the Eastside, I had a goal to be involved [in my new neighborhood]. It was my way to be educated.”

What brought you to Georgetown? Why this neighborhood?

“The commute… literally! I lived in Snoqualmie and drove to downtown [Seattle] every day. My youngest kid went off to college and I was like, ‘Why am I in this traffic? Maybe I will live in downtown.’ So I started looking, with the commute as my main criteria.

When I first [looked at the neighborhood], I was like, ‘Oh no! This isn't going to work! I don’t think I can live here.’ I thought it was too industrial, so I kept looking. But then I came back to it, plus I loved [my house].”

What keeps you here? What do you like about our ‘hood? 

“We are fun! And I enjoy the feeling of being in this neighborhood. We have opportunities to meet each other and I think — because we are contained — that we only have each other. 

I also like the commute, and not just for work. The location is very central but you still feel a little bit out of the city.”

A piece of advice for your Georgetown neighbors, new or old?


“Get to know the GCC! Being part of the GCC is really easy. Don’t feel like you are not qualified. If you have something that motivates you or a niche that you want to use your energy towards, you can do it! There are various vehicles we have that can be used to execute your ideas: e.g., The Gazette.”


“If you are moving into a new place in the neighborhood, your plants are not going to live unless you water them — it will really serve you in the future.”

Your future Georgetown looks like…

“More neighborhood fun! And anything that helps to enhance the neighborhood. 

We are actually working on a community neighborhood center for the future — it’s going to be years out. I think it will be really nice to have a place for the community to come and gather for anything or nothing. That would be amazing!”

If you are interested in being featured in “Peeps in the Neighborhood” or want to recommend someone for us to consider, please forward an email to shon’t at

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