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Man on Motorcycle Killed in Collison on First Ave South

On a dry and sunny Wednesday morning (May 1, 10:09 am) a man riding a small vintage motorcycle on S Findlay at First Ave S collided with a dump truck and died at the scene. The truck driver was tested for drugs and deemed not impaired, and was not arrested. The Seattle Police Department Traffic Collision Investigation Squad is now working to determine the cause of the deadly accident. This is the same intersection where a woman walking was hit and killed by a driver in September of last year.

Despite Seattle's stated commitment to Vision Zero, a program that aims to eliminate traffic deaths in the city completely by 2030, the rate of vehicle-involved fatalities has increased in the city over the last five years. Seattle Department of Transportation's recent iterative improvements to arterials, like adding “no turn on red” signals and restriping crosswalks, seem ineffective at best and mostly performative.

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